Mandolins in various combinations are available to play for you. Click on the links below to hear samples of youtube videos or recordings:


Mandolin and Guitar duo also called Mandolin Serenade.

This is very suitable for festive gatherings such as parties or weddings.

The duo plays Italian folk (mazurkas, waltzes, polkas and serenades), light classical (Faure, Debussy, Mozart, Beethoven, etc), Baroque and Renaissance music. Listen to:

Mandolin Serenade - Party Platter

(a compilation of Italian folk dances and serenades suitable for parties and other festive gatherings)

Marianella - A Venetian Serenade

Molinaro's Duo No. 1 (1775-1847) (Allegro) - Baroque music (originally for flute or violin with guitar)

Mandolins (two to four) with guitar, mandola, archlute (depending on the repertoire) known as Mandolini Graziosi.

The group played a variety of small concerts and larger parties. Listen to:

Vivaldi's Concerto in Bm for four violins (played by four mandolins).

Achille Bocus, Nicola Swinburne, Sarah Bell, Tony Kaye (mandolins); Laurien Jones (mandola); Javier Trujillo Jurado (guitar); Howard Kadis (archlute).

Bizet's Scenes Bohemienne Achille Bocus, Nicola Bocus, Sarah Bell, Tony Kaye, (mandolins); Jake Hodges (mandola); Michael Goldberg, Javier Trujillo Jurado (guitars)

Although the group has not been recently active, past clients included:

San Francisco Public Library, Presidio Branch, library re-opening, April 2012.

Four Seasons Arts, Cameo Concerts, Feb. 2012

Italian International Students Association (UC Berkeley), small concert., Feb. 2011

Renaissanche-themed party, Napa Valley Winery, Aug. 2010.

St. Mary Magdelen and Noe Valley Minstry small concerts, French Romantic music, Feb. 2010.

Trinity Chapel chamber concerts and Noe Valley Ministry, Baroque Mandolin Concertos, Feb, 2009.

Mandolin with (symphonic) orchestra

Mandolin solo in Vivaldi's Transit Aetas, Aria XVII(17)b from Oratorium Juditha Triumphans. Alto Twila Ehmcke (with San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra)

West Bay Opera, May-June 2013. Mandolin peasant scene on stage in costume.


Mandolin orchestra

See San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra resume page.